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    *All activities available at additional cost

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Cooking Courses


Whether you have a half day, a couple of days, or an entire week; a cooking course is a fabulous introduction to the cuisine of Andalusia. The classes take place in a rustic kitchen in a nearby Finca that is nestled into a grove of majestic chestnuts and is lead by Jeannie Chesterton, who has recently published her own collection of fabulous recipes.


In true slow food fashion, the menu changes seasonally - Learn how to cook a traditional "Paella" or a light cold soup in summer. Hearty roasts, stews and game dishes are the tastes of winter. North African Mahgrebi influences can be felt in the use of spices and nuts and the interplay between sweet and savoury.


The best is at the end of the morning's cooking, you can taste the fruits of your labour as you settle in for a relaxed lunch in the informal setting of a traditional Rural home.


Half Day Cooking + Lunch + Transport • Minimum 4 People • €85 pp

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Jamón Bodegas


Jamón Iberico is the star of the show here in the Sierras and a visit to a Jamón Bodega is fascinating. Understanding the history and complexities of the process, and the differences between one cold cut and the next, enhances the tasting experience. We offer you the option of two different factories to visit. What they have in common is an obsession with quality.


The first, Jamones Eiriz Jabugo, is a family owned and run operation. Here, Domingo invites you to visit both the property and the factory. See first hand the care with which the quality of the product is controlled, from the initial breeding and raising of the Iberian pigs, through to the creation of a truly artesanal product. As the recipients of the Gold Medal at the 2010 Great Taste Awards held in London by The Guild of Fine Food, this product is held in high esteem both locally and internationally for its excellence. They are also an acredited member of the Ruta de Jamón.


Guided Factory Tour + Sherry and Tapa • Minimum 2 People • €35 pp


The second is Sanchez Romero Carvajal, more commonly recognised by their product branding as 5J's. As one of the largest scale, most internationally recognised producers in the game, they have an incredible bodega, the scale of which is overwhelming. Walking through the underground aging rooms is akin to visiting the cellars of a fine wine producer.


Guided Cellar Tour + Sherry and Tapa • Minimum 4 People - midweek only • €25 pp

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Cheese Making


We are very fortunate here to have local cheese makers who are willing to pass on generations of tradition and knowledge.


Spend the day with the owners of Queseria Monte Robledo, an Aracena company specialising in artisan goat and sheep cheeses, and let Maria Jesus introduce you to the basics of cured cheeses.


1/2 Day Course + Degustation • Minimum 2 People • €25 pp

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Picnic in the Park


Let us pack you a picnic basket so that you can explore the Sierras and find that perfect Chestnut or Oak tree to lay down your blanket and pop open a bottle of wine.


Some local cheese, jamón, fruit and a gourmet sandwich made on fresh croissant . . . We will even pack you a map of some great spots to discover.


We have the blanket, the hamper, the glasses and the food . . . All you need is to take off your watch and relax!


Picnic Hamper + Blanket • Minimum 2 People • €15 pp + wine or champagne of choice

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Formal Dinners


If you are coming as a group and would like to be able to truly experience a sumptuous experience, ask us to devise a menu perfect for your celebration - from Pastas and Salads to Oysters and Lobsters - traditional Andalusian or our modern take using local ingredients!


Our formal dining room is a truly memorable setting and looks more amazing once dressed with the linens, fine china, crystal and candles. Let us create memories for years to come.


Created on Request • Minimum 6 People • Prices 'Prie Fixe' per person based on Menu

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Wine Tastings


We regularaly have wine tastings in the bar, however, should the dates not co-incide and you would like to organise a private tasting for a small group of intimate friends we are happy to organise it for you.


Maribel, from Tierra Nuestra, in Huelva will explain the basics in appreciation of Spanish wines, from understanding the D.O. (Denomination de Origin) and what it means; to the difference between a Joven, Crianza, Reserva and Grand Reserva.


Depending on the season and your preference, we can set up in our bar, the terraces or the formal dining room.


Choose to have a paired supper with the tasting for a complete night out.


Created on Request • Minimum 6 People • Prices 'Prie Fixe' per person based on Wines

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Guided Hiking


The Sierras of Aracena and the Peaks of Aroche are known for their divirsity of flora and the quality of their hiking trails.


While most are clearly signed, and we would be happy to provide you with maps, we suggest that you avail yourselves of a guide and get to learn a little more about the area while taking all the stress out of the experience.


Having an experienced guide will allow you to concentrate on nothing more that taking in the breathtaking scenery of the Sierras as you happily amble from one village to the next.


Request a picnic lunch that you can take with you, and make a day of it. Also, we can arange transportation if you want to explore only in one direction.


Prices based on number of participants and length of walk requested.


2hr, 1/2 day and Full Day Hikes Available • No Minimum • Call for Prices

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Horseback Riding


The mountains of the Sierra are criss crossed with trails perfect for exploring on horse back.


Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, we work with qualified professionals who will ensure that you are matched to the perfect horse and the best trails.


Chari will walk you through each step, so all you have to do is follow along and let the horse do all the work . . . . Unless you really want to ride and then that too is possible.


If you are staying in the area for a while, take classes every morning to start the day off and improve your technique.


2hr, 1/2 day and Full Day Rides Available


Transport + Excursion • 2 Hr €35 • 4 Hr €60 • 8 Hr €120

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Mountain Biking & Nordic Walking


As a member of the Nordic Walking hotels here in the Sierra, we are proud to have on hand both the equipment and the trained guides to ensure you have the best possible Nordic Walking Experience exploring the trails of the Natural Park that surrounds Aracena.


Jose will be able to create a route specifically to your experience and fitness level and he, or another of his qualified staff, will accompany you on your journey.


If mountain biking is more your thing, La Casa Noble has a couple of bikes available for rent if you want to blaze your own trail; or have Jose guide you through the trickier trails of the park to really get the most out of the day.


There are also a miriad of other extreme sports available through SierraExtreme, such as kayaking, rock climbing, zip lines, abseiling and mountain bike trails.


Transport + Excursion • Minimum 2 People • 4 Hr €40 pp • 8 Hr €60 pp

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There are two main Romerias here in Aracena. The first is the "Romeria de Divina Pastora" held on the first Sunday in June and the second is the "Romeria de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles" held every year on the 8th of September.


These are an incredible opportunity to participate in something truly authentic.


Joining us on the Romeria is a three day commitment. The day before we prep food, decorate our float and get to bed early.


The day of the Romeria we set off while it is stil dark - the singing (and drinking) starts before dawn - and we make our way to the campgrounds for a day of fun and merriment accompanied by the sound of Sevillanas and tamborines.


The day is long but fun, and we return by foot watching the sun set and greeting the evening stars.


The next day is dedicated to recovery...


Transportation can be arranged if you wish to return to Aracena earlier in the day at additional charge.


Excursion + Food + Drinks + Enormous Fun • Full day €125 pp

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Matanza - Traditional Slaughter and Preparation of the Jamón


Not for the faint-hearted, but a truly amazing experience... and not one that is even available in most other parts of the world.


A traditional matanza is a community event and to this day, individual families go through the process of slaughtering the pigs they have reared that year to prepare the Jamóns and dried sausages that will be a staple part of their diet for the year to come.


This is a winter event and one that is only offered along with a full house rental over three days.


Please be aware, this is a difficult and elaborate process, and while you won't be required to do the heavy lifting, some participation makes for a more enjoyable day - cutting herbs for the chorizo, or tying off the sausages etc.


Start the day with a coffee, or as the locals do a quick aguadiente to warm you from the insides on a brisk winters morn. During the course of the two days, observe how to prepare the skins for the cold cuts, which piece of meat equals which final product, and which spices and herbs are used to create the blood sausage and chorizos. Cook an amazing traditional stew to be enjoyed as lunch in the middle of the day, served piping hot and directly onto chunks of artesanal bread.


One pig will allow for the production of 2 Jamóns (back legs), 2 Paletas (front legs), Chorizo, Morcon, Lomo, Lomito, Salchichon, and Morcilla (Blood Sausage) as well as fresh meat cuts such as the ribs, and other cuts that can be divided amongst the participants to take home. How much of the finished product you are wishing to keep will raise or lower the price of the event.


Matanza + Food + Drinks • Minimum 10 People • Call for Prices.

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Aracenas Artists


We are very fortunate to have some spectacular artists here that have made Aracena their home.


Join us and visit these artisits in their studio to truly see how the process works and meet the artists in person.


Sculptor Alberto Germán works on commissioned bronzes and his works can be seen all over Spain and Portugal.


Sculptor Pepe Antonio Marquez's elegant bronzes can be seen in each corner of Aracena, and his studio is a pleasure to visit.


Painter Ignacio Alcarías works are sold internationally and will capture your heart with their sensitive rendering of light and shade.


These visits are always at the discretion of the artists, but are a unique opportunity to truly appreciate the beauty they bring to the world arround us.


Visit to studio • €15 pp

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